What We Do
RR Defense Systems, Inc. engineers and manufactures 40mm weapons, including the RPG-7 Rocket Launcher and the 40mm M203 Grenade Launcher. We offer the weapons as part of a system package which includes ammunition, training, and support services including annual maintenance agreements.

Who We Are
The company is owned by the named inventor on the patents pending on these two systems at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, and its manufacturing team consists of the firms that supplied over 70,000 M203s to the US military and friendly foreign militaries for the last decade as well as RPG-7 rocket launchers to US military services and agencies as well as friendly foreign militaries. We are experienced suppliers of grenade and rocket launcher systems.

What We Care About
We care about our customers – the men who use the weapons we produce. We commit to uncompromising reliability and safety of our weapons, and the success of our commitment has been confirmed. There has never been a single reported field failure or accidental discharge of an M203 or an RPG-7 manufactured by this team, based in the U.S. heartland, just outside of Chicago.

Your Challenges to Us

Urgency. The first day orders are placed by procurement authorities, the operators on their
battlefields have been demanding the RPG or 203 for weeks or months. From the day you place the order, we understand your operators feel delivery is overdue.

Quality. Weapon failure is not an option. The banner across our final assembly production line reads,


Continual Innovation. We are always exploring more ergonomic designs, better optical options, and
new ammunition options. When they meet our standards, we will let you know about them.

Support. We will train at your facility and we offer on-line training. We will send a team to your
facility to refurbish your weapons every year. We offer logistics support including secure on-line
weapons tracking by serial number so your operators can report a lost or stolen weapon, and your
logistics unit always know what you have and where it is.